Trisha Michael

Trisha Michael (2)

“We are in the spirit led business of channeling love”

12525 SW 2nd St, Beaverton, OR

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Angelic Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coaching, Progressive Intuitive, Channeler of Archangel Raphael and others, Clair-senses expert, and monthly contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

When making an appointment through our automated system please let us know whether you are making a Phone or Zoom 

appointment. Until the Corona Virus has come to an end,there will be no in person appointments.  


Trisha Michael has lived in Oregon for the past 20 years. She made her journey to the West Coast from upstate New York to finish her Pre-Med degree to become a healer. Life changed instantly when an Angel appeared, that sent her on a course of studying different modalities within the healing arts. Over the years she has become a Reiki Master and Angel Therapy practitioner. She has been inspired by Raphael to take his lessons into the community through special sessions of profound communication and thoughtful reflection. She is a gifted energy practitioner with many other related skills. She continues to reflect to all that “Love is Enough”, and strives to bring peace and understanding to all her clients.

Listen to an audio introduction from Trisha:


Currently sessions can by phone or Zoom. To make an appointment with Trisha please click the button below or email

In person three hour appointments with Trisha, phone or Skype sessions have a range of $75.00 to $155.00. You can use the button below or you can pick any amount by going to and sending funds directly to by following the “send money online” prompt.  Other options available for payment are through Square, cash or check.  Please consult with Trisha at the time of your appointment if you have questions.

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