Book-What’s in the Water? Our Soul’s Reflection On Spirit and Self

This book opens up the reader to the possibilities of Spirit by allowing them in on the journey of a person that not only crossed the threshold of new thought but awakened to take on the feelings associated with the discovery of self by writing about it. 

    There are many times throughout life here on this planet where reflective thought brings us to the precipice of a new reality, but usually, our conditioned boxes control how we see things and encourage us not to step outside of a comfort zone and really risk.  By not risking and feeling free to reach deep levels of emotion, most of us stay stunted. This book is a project from the heart that allowed the author to enter a world not often seen or felt. His take on subjects such as spirit, fear, risk, grief, and forgiveness, which makes this a unique read.  The messages allow the reader to take what they want and apply to their own lives. 

    Understanding where we came from and using our experiences and stories to guide us through our journey here has taken the author through a cathartic view where he felt sharing his thoughts would benefit others to their own awakening.  This book is an easy read but the writing usually has more meaning that can take deeper thought.  Therefore, it is a great book to help you explore your own thoughts on these subjects.  With the help of his spiritual friends, he was able to weave many subjects into a tapestry of a life that has passion and a mission, mixed in with an ounce of wisdom. 

This book can be purchase at any book outlet as either paperback or e book. It can also be acquired at

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