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Welcome!!!  I am so delighted you followed your intuition and clicked upon my website.  My deepest intention is to co-create a joy in connecting with your Angels, Guides and the amazing intuition you brought into your life.  Congrats in saying YES to the dance of LOVE!  Big angel hugs!  Trisha



Please go to the link below to listen to an interview of Trisha on the Awakened Goddess show with Angela Wilkinson.



Please go to the link below to listen to an interview by Petra Nicoll on Blog Talk Radio.  Petra interviewed Trisha and Mike on her show called “Revealing Conversations.” They had a great time discussing: How the Angel came to Trisha and her subsequent development, how Mike and Trisha came to work together with the help of Archangel Raphael, the creation of their business and their book “A Journey of Discovery Through Intuition With Help From the Angels.”  Enjoy the show.




There are many channeled messages from Trisha and Archangel Raphael that are available on our  YouTube channel.   These in depth messages from Archangel Raphael on various spiritual subjects are profound in their delivery and content and will help you to understand not only you, but the world around you in physicality and spirit.  Archangel Raphael came to us  years ago to develop a channel for his messages.  Not only do we have short messages on our T Michael Healing Arts Facebook page, but we have videos on our  T Michael Healing Arts YouTube channel.http://www.youtube.com/user/tmichaelhealingarts.



“Hold faith by the remembrance of the miracle that you are. Every cells creation is a gift. Every breath is a gift. Your heart, mind and soul is a gift to humanity in its flow of Love’s oneness.” – Archangel Raphael

Spiritual psychology recognizes that there is a spiritual dimension and it is a very important part in one’s healing process. Healing our illusions of separation takes a proactive approach and encourages people to access their own inner journey. The goal of the T. Michael Healing Arts Clinic is to create a collective of like-minded, like-souled healers who can provide a variety of healing modalities to the Portland community. We are a spirit-led group who seek to create healing for the whole being; body, mind, spirit. Some Reasons for Healing

    • Working through life’s transitions: Divorce, retirement, career change


    • Having to make new decisions


  • Balancing your spiritual truth with daily living

Possible Benefits derived from a healing session

    • Celebrate experiences – create new awareness and understanding to the events of your past rather than holding onto the pain story or trauma these events might hold.


    • Integrate life experiences to heal karmic issues and clear karmic contracts that souls carry that no longer honor your spiritual path.


  • Strengthen your spiritual core to remember your Divine path and Inspire your Divine spark.