The Journey of Discovery through Intuition with Help from the Angels

“With their book, A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with Help from the Angels, Trisha Michael and Mike Russell give us a wonderful exploration of a world that is unseen, yet more true than the world that is seen.  Regardless of your personal thought system, you’re likely to discover things in this book that will deepen your practice and experience of intuition, as well as a sense of how to use a certain kind of forgiveness.  The result will be a deeper love, which is the most real thing that there is.
Gary Renard, author of  The Disappearance of the Universe Trilogy

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Inside the book you will discover:

~What is Intuition               ~Protection and Grounding

~Owning Your Divine Essence     ~Chakras and Clairsenses and How they are                                                                           connected to Intuition

~Claiming Your Light                     ~Creating your own path to Intuition by

Climbing the “Stairway to Absolute Love”

~Connecting to the Magnetic Light Grid

~Many of Trisha’s own intuitive stories and how she met and works with her Angels.