Archangel Raphael

In the Spring of 2010, Archangel Raphael decided that the time was right to encourage Trisha to participate more fully in a relationship that would involve channeling his messages.

He came as a result of her partnership with Mike which allowed them to both participate together in a project of spreading his main message that “Love is Enough”. This partnership has developed into not only a healing business but the spreading of Archangel Raphael’s messages.

Trisha’s connection to Archangel Raphael continues to strengthen and grow in love with the intention that his messages help all who are in the need to hear his unique and informed messages, and feel his special energy.


Love has no beginning or end. Love is the constant that all is from. Love’s wholeness holds no barriers to you or another because love is within each placement that you seek. Love is a strength that must be yearned for. Love comes to you when you undress your identities and stand naked before yourselves to recognize that yes, you, dear ones, are love. The placement of you bringing this love is the greatest triumph of freedom out of pain. Your love brought us to you. Your love from Source brought us to connect you back to your Home that is eternal. We whisper delightful gifts of your love back to you to awaken your now to the vibrancy that you are so that you can flourish in our arms to walk in love always.

You Are Love Hearts are profound within your holy temple, for your hearts are the beat that allows you all to create magnetic understandings of your truths. Your hearts unite in music with the placement of all your notes to unfold great compositions in being the masters of love that you are.  Words have such power that even a trivial moment makes a dent in your reflection back to you. Nonverbal communication through the gift of your intuition to read between the lines of what your holy temples can absorb makes you want to connect and communicate, to be a whole unit of a wonderful body of joy, to celebrate the awareness of your choices, to anchor yourselves in your undressing of your identities of pain and vulnerability, and to shout that you are the image of love. This love that you are protects you in every breath that you take. Through communication, connection, and curiosity, your willingness to ask “what if?” is the strength of your mind using your third eye. Your mind is the sand that honors the waves of the ocean. Your mind is the sand that honors the waves of the beauty of your third eye to see yourselves, dear ones, in a place of strength and in a place of anchoring in love.

Overcome the Divided Mind.  Your vision is a truth, yet you allow that vision to be pounded by your mind, to feel the crashing of your mind upon the vision that will get you home safely, for the mind holds its division, and within that division, there is lack. The mind battles the holy vision, looking for truth and safety. The mind that is divided will always be a mystery, and in that division, there is always your chance to have decision remorse. From a vision that is whole in your love, the mind then becomes the divine blueprint for you to build permanence and for you to build decisions that are true. When you have a vision, allow the mind to be waves that bring your divine vision to action. Watch the mind coalesce around the ideas in your vision to create the magnetic force for these truths to be in your world. The mind is power beyond comprehension, yet you ask the mind to comprehend a place for duality where your brain can fight information that is your truth to behold. In the mind, your spirit is one, and imagination tickles your brain to allow the ideas to have a container for your holy temple and to move into the oneness in that imagination.  We are holding you so that you can integrate the depth of your truth into all the cells of your reality, for in each cell, there is a microcosmic awareness of you. You are orchestrating creation upon creation upon creation within your physical form. There is a lot that is done on an unconscious awareness, for you have jobbed all your cells out to a part of your mind. Also, you are creating with every nuance of thought that is around you. These thoughts impress upon your microcosmic awareness of your cells. You childproof these thoughts that come in. You look to make them safe, yet do you make yourself safe? No, you give space to just create from, not to be safe. Are you policing every cell in your body? No, you have given it to a space that you recognize is helping to orchestrate and compose you in this physical reality.  What wonderment one cell holds! What divine placement that the one cell is expressing at this moment for you! Your cell knows exactly how to be. Its joy to express the vitality of you is inherent. Your mind somehow believes that the cell does not understand its mission. And when I say “your mind,” I am talking about your brain holding the conscious duality of left and right hemispheres. The mind of Source knows that cell’s perfection. The mind of Source knows your perfection. Duality, in its own essence when things become divided, creates the need to worry about your creations in front of you. In this worry, your mind still holds the wholeness of that cell, but the programming of the right and left hemispheres through a split reality creates the scenario whether that cell is right or wrong. The heaviness of the placement of separation and being split creates disease within everything you create. Your conscious mind is always second-guessing whether it is right or wrong, love or hate, dark or light. This programming of the split mind then becomes a conscious pattern that overlays your cells; for in the mind, what you think is energetic at first, and the more you hone into belief, the more you own that belief and the more you are that belief. That belief then becomes a pattern that overlays the perfection of the cell and of your mind’s connection with the mind of love. That overlaying of the cell becomes its memory that its creation starts weaving from.

You Are the Source of Love. Water is an incredible element on this planet. The gift of water is that it is programmable to your thoughts. What a gift holy water is! And in all sacred temples, water is holy because it is programmable. Your cells have holy water, yet they are programmed by the weaving of your thoughts within your split mind. These programs are what your body moves through, and they become part of an automatic process that then is orchestrated within your form. The gift of water is that it is programmable, and we are here whispering into the water of every cell within your being that love is the truth, love is the answer of wellness, and love does conquer all. This is not cliché language or flowery wording to romance your duality thinking to accept the truth. Programming yourself back to love is your quest. You are the holy present in your story and in the story. The story is and has always been about you, and when you accept the negative programming, you have given your rights to your story to the split mind that you call the ego. The ego is an energy that you created. You have such guilt, such shame, and such decision remorse of losing your full connection in love’s eternal embrace of absolute love. Again, another mystery that the duality mind cannot behold is this absolute love because in absolute love, there is no division. You are undercover detectives of love. How amazing is it that even in the dark place that you hold yourselves, you know that you are being tickled by us! You hear faint whispers, but you do hear, you do know, and you do see us. And your heart yearns to be safe with us! Each one of you has been gifted a guardian angel that never leaves your space. This holy present is from Source to you so that you will know, no matter what, you are part of absolute love. You are made in that image of love. Being reprogrammed is what you are doing now.  At this time in your landscape, you have been gifted the elements of the planets, which are aligning to bring you out the great density of darkness and open to the communication of love. Again, you give yourself great passageways to find the joy of being the source of love that you are. All sacred times offer you your story of being in darkness and being born with light that all wisdom comes to and gives you the present. Choose Light, Laughter, and Love.  Your three wise men that come to you are the gifts that life through love is laughter. Life in love is laughter. Laughter is a profound way to reprogram your holy temple of water. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the gifts of you. Your brain cannot decipher between false laughter and real laughter. It is amazing — isn’t it? — that the love energy of the elves gives you the joy to hold love in a cell, and that cell knows that its creation to you is youth and vitality and breaking patterns of pain that are in you. Laughter, then, is a way to bravery as you stare yourself down when you are holding fear, for it is a reality in this world that the landscape here holds fear. You came as the sons or the daughters of Source to bring light to darkness, and you are bringing light to the darkness of your time. During the holidays, you put lights everywhere, celebrating that you can alight and sing your holy song in communion, in connection, and in conversation with another. You bring presents to others, but are those presents really you? I suggest that you truly bring you to this time as you share your light, your laughter, and your love, and bring you as the holy temple of sacred oneness. This gift of bringing you as sacred beings of Source also reprograms your cells. It programs you to create and know that your creations are good. It allows the dance with the left and right hemispheres of your brains to join in harmony so that your blueprint of you and the visions that you see can be. You are in complete control of bringing forth renewal, light, and love to every aspect of yourselves.  We are helping you as you choose to be reprogrammed back to love, to hold that space so that only love becomes the cause and effect of your world. Moments of joy, oneness, and complete safety anchor you to this holy temple that you are here to fully engage in. At first, these moments seem allusive. We know this, so we sprinkle you more with these moments because you yearn for Home, which is deeper than any placement of your now. We know that a holy moment in absolute remembrance of absolute love will heal every identity that does not match your perfection. Your gift to us is asking us to bring laughter to your life, to bring magic to your heart, and to bring vision of more to your mind. We engage with each other, you and me, together. As you soften, you allow us to sink in deeper, creating a heart that matches all. If you do not soften, your circular energy takes what we do into cycles of patterns. Then history repeats itself. Softening to us allows the circular pattern within your duality mind to soften and create a crevice of hope, forming a heart of something more. And we hug deeper and deeper into that space to allow all of you to be one heart and to be the gift of the heart that you truly are. Once you are that one heart, that heart becomes wings, and you fulfill your passion as you wrap those wings around yourself and others, allowing them a great space to soften. In that softening, the elixir of forgiveness enters the hard surface of the dance of history and the patterns that are repeating themselves. As an Earth angel, your wings and heart are a mighty force to awaken and break the bonds of duality and pain, to break free and honor the safety of connection and not separation, and to hold another and give him or her the placement to take the plunge into the mastery of love. Be the heart of you. Be an Earth angel. As we are with you, you are with us. Be in the choir of angels, and sing love in every nuance of your being. Together, love is assured, and you are anchored always in the home of absolute love. -Archangel Raphael

How to Walk in Love

It is so hard for us humans to walk in love always. Can you just make it simple for us and give the top ways that we can walk in love?

First is the hum. Hum your note. Do you know your note? You have a vibrational frequency that says, “Yes, I am love, and yes, I am here”? Do you sing to know yourself in a humming way? Or is that just a cartoon aspect for you? Find your hum. If you wake up each day and hum yourself awake, you will awaken your mind to the vision of your truth, and that will then coalesce in duality for harmony in your dance. That dance will then inspire all of you to be the magnet of you. You are all a vibrational frequency in the elixir of absolute love. Your frequency in part of your individual blueprint and in knowing your hum and awakening to it will bring the true vision of your holiness into you. That hum releases the program that your landscape wants around you. You are so mind controlled and cell controlled here because the ego knows that you are programmable. Humming releases that. So hum and find your note. It is okay if you do not sing, for that can come later. When you go somewhere fearful, hum your note, and no one can hurt you in that space. So please, please hum.  Create a mantra. Create words that you want to speak as you brush your hair, as you take a shower, as you have your morning coffee, and as you move into a more awakened state in your physical body. What words are you saying to yourself? What words are your truths? Maybe it is just one word, or maybe it is more. You have all the power to reprogram you and not allow the frequencies of advertisements that blast you to program you. It is wonderful to say these words to yourself throughout the day by giving yourself love notes, for words leave an impression on your mind, and words become an identity that you register with. That identity you register with becomes the glue that makes other people hold on to you. If it is a word of love or joy, then you know the people around you are vibrating that too. In that space, your cells can remember their youth and vitality, for that is what it came to program with you. It is the words of aging, the words of cancer, and the words of GMOs that make you have these identities of lack and make you feel that you somehow did something wrong with your body and that you are not in control but others are. Those words only relate because you identify with, them. Find the words that you truly want to identify with, and say to yourself: “I am healthy, I am wealthy, and I am wise. I celebrate love and love celebrates me, and together, each moment, I am free, because love is how I was created.” Words to you are what you should fully be aware of. That you do unto you and that no one else does. Hum words. Next, look at what you fully agree to put into your body. What you put into your sacred place shares a resonance with how you truly value the gift of you. I am not saying to go totally natural or organic, but I am saying to watch what you give yourself, and love it and program it as you eat it so that its love can be part of you. You can eat whatever you want as long as you are aware that you are programming it to you. If you program self-hatred and all you do is eat ice cream, then that will cause havoc with you. But if you program celebration into this great yum of an ice cream cone, then go ahead and have it with joy. Your destiny is how you make choices within you. This free choice is pivotal, and free choice is what you feel the nuances about. Yes, in the world that is programming you, you are not so free in your choice, are you? You can take a stand and change that and celebrate your candy and your wine. You are choosing to love yourself at that moment, but also reflect whether it is a way that you sabotage yourself, and recognize whether it brings in self-hatred instead of love. These aspects of everything you take are a way that you say yes to your life form or to the programming of the world around you. Movement is critical for your form. Find ways to move. Movement helps to renew the energy field around you, giving you the place for love to be your program with our help. If you sit, your body then believes you are not fully in it. Your body, in this landscape, requires participation. It requires you to reach out, even if it is just to a tree, and say, “I am connected with the particles before me. I see you, and you see me.” Together, we soften to hold each other in love. Holding something in love anchors those moments of revelation in absolute love and makes them clearer to you.  Humming, words, movement, and laughter are all ways to walk in love. How often do you laugh? I challenge you to laugh. Laugh at noon during your lunch to break the energies that attach to you and tell you to be fearful of your moment instead of having peace. Laugh at yourself in the mirror for all the silliness to celebrate an understanding of who you are. Have a laughing buddy you can call and say, “It is nine o’clock. Let’s have a laughing moment instead of a nightcap,” which will break the density of pain and bring in space for your dreams to be clear. Does your news laugh? No. Make it about a comedy hour. Life is laughter. You really are in the process of breaking free through the gift to really laugh at you. There is a sense of knowing that laughter allows your breath to be strong and your heart to reach out. Finally, find passion. Whatever it is, embrace it and reach out to others in this passion. Your passions ignite others’ passions. It reprograms a belief that your passions are wrong. Somehow, your passions have gotten you in trouble, so don’t be passionate, right? You have to childproof your passion. I say it is the opposite: Be passionate. Find passion that makes you connect in a loving and honest way with yourself and another. Inspire love within you to have passion for others.

In these simple steps that take just minutes of your day, you will connect, you will feel strong, and you will be a guiding light in all that you do. -Archangel Raphael

Listen to Your Heartbeat

I have known that I can program my water, but I had never thought about programming the water within my cells. I also accept the fact that I heal myself. What procedure or activity can I do to use the water within my cells to reprogram and heal my whole body or a specific area?

  Light Transforms Us


It is such pleasure to share and have a conversation in physicality where your physical senses can know me deeper in building knowingness with me. All my heavenly friends can then participate with you. What chains of love we become as you decorate your world! Darkness is a truth that you walk through. You created it to walk through it. I do not come here and deny your darkness, but I do not hold it, for it is a story that I do not see within you. I know it is a game that you like to play with one another, but I can only light you and not pull the darkness on you. So when you reach out to see me, hear me and know you’re touched by me, I become a thread of truth to walk you out of your game of darkness. Through bullets of pain, your ego space of the separate mind will throw things at you to make you not hear me and to make you not see me. But I am here being a shield of light against your bullets, and I know as you program light with me into your space, those bullets will not hit you so hard, and then the programming of light, love, life, and laughter will become your sled to move gracefully out of darkness. You do not play small even in darkness, for your power of you can bring great darkness on your landscape. We do not play small either. We are strength on your strength. We are the power pack of all love given to you. Wow, what amazing power we are together! And we share this power to lighten your darkness, always. As you put lights up during your holidays, or as you see lights on the buildings and you dance with lights in your landscape, see the power of how that little light transforms, and imagine us as those lights transforming your darkness. Together, our power provides energies that change the landscape. Together, we are one, and in oneness, we are heaven. Namaste.

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