Trisha Michael



Channeling Love, Guiding Destinies

Welcome to T Michael Healing Arts, where we are dedicated to the spirit-led business of channeling love and guiding you on your journey toward your destiny. Trisha Michael is at the heart of our mission. She is a seasoned intuitive and spiritual life coach whose path unfolded unexpectedly, leading her to become a beacon of healing and love.

About Trisha Michael

Trisha Michael has called Oregon home for the past two decades. Her journey from upstate New York, where she initially pursued a Pre-Med degree, took an unforeseen turn when an Angel appeared, altering the course of her life. This divine encounter led her to explore various healing modalities within the arts.

Over the years, Trisha has evolved into a Reiki Master and Angel Therapy practitioner. Inspired by Archangel Raphael, she passionately extends his teachings into the community through special sessions that foster deep communication and thoughtful reflection. Trisha is a gifted energy practitioner with many related skills aimed at bringing peace and understanding to her clients.

Our Services

Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey with our intuitive and spiritual life coaching sessions. Trisha Michael will guide you with insight, compassion, and a profound connection to the spiritual realms, assisting you in aligning with your true destiny.

Angel Therapy

Experience the power of Angel Therapy, a unique modality that draws on celestial energies to bring healing and guidance. As an Angel Therapy practitioner, Trisha facilitates sessions that open doors to profound communication with the angelic realm.

Love-Centered Healing

At the core of T Michael Healing Arts is the belief that “Love is Enough.” Trisha brings this philosophy into every session, creating a space where love is channeled for your healing and growth.

Card Reading and Astrology

Through her gifted reading of Tarot and Angel Cards, along with her knowledge of astrology, Trisha gives you another tool for understanding your purposes.



Embrace the Journey

Your journey to wellness and self-discovery starts here. T Michael Healing Arts is not just a sanctuary; it’s a community of individuals committed to embracing love, understanding, and personal growth.

Trisha and the entire T Michael Healing Arts team are excited to join you on this transformative adventure. Remember, love is the guiding force; with it, you can unlock the doors to your destiny.

Let the journey of love and healing begin!


Listen to an audio introduction from Trisha:


Currently, sessions can be by phone, Zoom, or in person.  To make an appointment with Trisha, please click the button below

or text Trisha at 971-570-0178 for a different arrangement. 

Special: Two-hour session for $100.00

Payment options are available through PayPal, Venmo, cash, or check.  Please consult with Trisha during your appointment if you have questions.