Earth Angel Fellowship: Embrace the Wings of Transformation


Title: Earth Angel Fellowship: Embrace the Wings of Transformation

Introduction: Join the Earth Angel Fellowship and embark on a transformative journey to infuse your life with love, gratitude, and joy. In a world that can be hard and chaotic, becoming an Earth Angel allows you to carry the weight of life with a newfound lightness.

Fellowship Highlights: Experience a profound shift in your life as part of the Fellowship of the Wings, where we focus on:

  • Learning Spiritual Laws
  • Understanding Karmic Laws
  • Discovering Your True Self through a Journey to the Ring of Oneness
  • Exploring Spirit and Human Designs
  • Mastering the Art of Dialing in Your Mind

The Journey: Engage in a weekly book club with required readings, delving into the “twelve houses” of astrology. Question and develop deep wisdom about your truths and learn to bring your Ego and Spiritual lenses into focus. Develop the wisdom needed to shape your unique point of being.

Program Details:

  • Duration: A unique ten-month program conducted on Zoom
  • Limited Openings: Secure your spot now!
  • Start Date: May 2024
  • Cost: $1000.00 (plus book costs)

Why Earth Angel Fellowship:

  • Create a Hum of Love: We’ll create a harmonious vibration of love that resonates throughout the Earth.
  • Lighten Your Life: Navigate life’s challenges with gratitude, love, and joy.
  • Awaken Wisdom: Explore and awaken the wisdom within your daily life through a guided journey.

How to Sign Up: Visit or contact us at to reserve your spot in this life-transforming program.