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A.R.C: Archangel Raphael Conversations

“Dive into the profound insights of ‘A.R.C.: Archangel Raphael Conversations,’ a captivating exploration into the essence of our existence on this magnificent planet. Archangel Raphael serves as the guiding force, unraveling the intricate tapestry of our true selves. Within these pages, discover an in-depth exploration of pivotal subjects, including duality, pre-destiny, karma, relationships, soulmates, conflict, trust, free will, passion, abundance, love, forgiveness, and life purpose. Allow Archangel Raphael’s messages to illuminate the path to self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the purpose behind our presence on Earth.”



My Compass, Our Story:  A Journey through Life and Death

In ‘My Compass, Our Story: A Journey through Death and Life,’ the author lays bare a deeply emotional odyssey spanning two years following the profound loss of their beloved spouse. This heartfelt narrative invites readers into the intricate landscape of one person’s grieving process, offering a poignant tapestry woven with inspired thoughts, poignant poetry, and sage advice. Crafted during profound introspection, this book is a compassionate guide for those traversing the challenging terrain of grief or working through their unique processes. Too often, society tends to confine grief to a solitary realm, isolating individuals in their pain. ‘My Compass, Our Story’ defies this isolation, providing an unfiltered glimpse into the author’s raw experience.

The grief journey is highly personal, yet readers find solace in these pages’ shared humanity of emotions. As the author candidly articulates their feelings, this book becomes a beacon of understanding for those who may feel adrift in their grief.

This poignant narrative emphasizes that while grief is a unique journey for everyone, having a shared resource to illuminate the common threads of sorrow and resilience can be profoundly empowering. ‘My Compass, Our The story stands as a testament to the power of open conversation and shared experiences, reminding readers that, even in the depths of grief, they are not alone in their thoughts and emotions.”


What’s in the Water? : Our Soul’s Reflection on Spirit and Self

“Embark on a transformative journey through ‘What’s in the Water? Our Soul’s Reflection on Spirit and Self is a compelling exploration that unveils the possibilities of the human spirit. This book invites readers into the personal odyssey of an individual who not only embraced the realms of new thought but also dared to explore the depths of self-discovery through writing.

Throughout our lives, moments of introspection often bring us to the brink of new realities. However, societal conditioning often constrains our perspectives, urging us to remain within familiar boundaries and shy away from genuine risk-taking. This project, born from the author’s heart, transcends those limitations, immersing readers in a world seldom seen or felt. The narrative delves into profound subjects such as spirit, fear, risk, grief, and forgiveness, offering a unique reading experience.

In ‘What’s in the Water?’ The author shares messages that empower readers to extract what resonates with them and apply it to their lives. Exploring origins, experiences, and personal stories becomes a guiding force for navigating the intricate journey of life. The author’s cathartic perspective, enriched by spiritual insights, weaves a tapestry of passion, mission, and a hint of wisdom.

While the book is approachable and easy to read, its words carry layers of meaning that beckon deeper contemplation. This makes it an ideal companion for those eager to delve into their thoughts on spirituality, fear, risk, grief, and forgiveness. With the support of spiritual companions, the author has skillfully woven diverse subjects into a rich narrative, allowing readers to explore the complexities of their existence.”



A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with Help from the Angels

Come with us on ‘A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with the Help from the Angels,’ where the world perceived through our five senses is just the surface of a vast iceberg. Within the pages of this enlightening book, discover the transformative Stairway to Absolute Love, a path that promises healing for the mind, connection with realms beyond, and the nurturing of unwavering intuition, irrespective of your belief system.

This guide is replete with meditations, exercises, and personal anecdotes from the authors’ lives. Offering a blend of wisdom and practicality, the book presents engaging exercises that deepen your connection with yourself and enhance your understanding of the people and relationships that grace your life.

As you navigate the Stairway to Absolute Love, you’ll find a manual and a companion for self-discovery. Trust your intuition, delve into the mysteries beyond the tangible, and embark on a journey that not only elevates your spiritual awareness but also enriches your understanding of the intricate tapestry of human connections. This book is an invitation to explore, reflect, and embrace the profound possibilities within the realm of intuition and divine guidance.”